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Wednesday,February 18

7:30        Registration

8:30        Opening Ceremony
8:30        Recitation of Holy Quran and the National Anthem of the IR Iran
8:35        Welcome Address,Mohammad Hadi Imanieh,SUMS Chancellor
8:45        Welcome Address,Jihane Tawilah,WHO/EMRO Representative in Iran
8:55        Welcome Address,Maqbool Jafary,EMAME President
9:05        Welcome Address,Seyed Basir Hashemi,SUMS Vice Chancellor for Research Affairs
9:15        Shiraz,Karim Vessal,SUMS Emeritus Professor of Radiology
9:30       Persepolis,Farrokh Saidi,SBMU,Emeritus Professor of Surgery
9:45        Welcome Address,Farhad Handjani,EMMJ6 President
9:55        Overview of Scientific Program,Farrokh Habibzadeh,EMMJ6 Scientific Chair

10:00     Refreshments,Tea/Coffee Break

10:30     SECTION A,Chairpersons: Fatema Jawad,Karim Vessal

10:30     An Overview of Open Access Journals in Eastern Mediterranean Country Members (EMAME),Mohammad Reza Ghane,Iran

11:00     Mentoring and Coaching to Improve the Quality of Scientific Publication,
José Florencio F. Lapeña,Jr.,Philippines

11:30     PANEL DISCUSSION: Networking and Collaboration to Improve Health Publications
MODERATOR: Farhad Handjani,Iran

PARTICIPANTS: Farrokh Habibzadeh (WAME),Shaukat Ali Jawaid (EMAME),Fatema Jawad (PAME),Behrooz Astaneh (ISME),Peush Sahni (IAMJE),José Florencio F Lapeña (APAME),Wilfred CG Peh (SAMJE),Elise Langdon-Neuner (EMWA and EASE),Mary Ellen Kerans (MET),Karen Shashok (AuthorAid)

12:30     Prayers and Lunch

14:00     SECTION B,Chairpersons: Jihane Tawilah,Mohammad Reza Ghane

14:00      Activities of APAME,WPRIM and IMSEAR,Wilfred CG Peh,Singapore

14:30      EMR Index Medicus,Hatem Nour El-Din,Egypt

14:45      Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal: 1995–2014 Review,Ahmed Mandil,Egypt

15:00     END OF SECTION B


WORKSHOP A: Journal Metrics,Scientometrics and Altmetrics: Tools for Improving and Increasing Journals Visibility and Impact,Payam Kabiri,Iran

WORKSHOP B: Sustainable Bilingual Journal Publication: The Design of Translation and Quality-Control Processes,Including Cost Considerations,Mary Ellen Kerans,Spain



Thursday,February 19

8:00       SECTION A,Chairpersons: Roya Kelishadi,Jamshed Akhtar

8:00        Status of Science Production and Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region: Challenges and Perspective for the Future,Reza Malekzadeh,Iran

8:30        Predatory Journals,Peush Sahni,India

9:00       SECTION B,Chairpersons: Jane Nicholson,Seyed Ali Asghar Alavi

9:00        How to Distinguish between Legitimate and Predatory Open-Access Journals,
Karen Shashok,Spain

9:15        Evaluation of EMAME Medical Journals: Quality and Citation Indices,
Mohamed A Daw,Libya

9:30        The Role of EMR Medical Journals in Science Production and Dissemination: Quantity and Quality,Payam Kabiri,Iran

9:45        Quality of Iranian Medical Journals,Ali Akbari Sari,Iran

10:00     Refreshments,Tea/Coffee Break

10:30     SECTION C,Chairpersons: Mary Ellen Kerans,Ahmed Mandil

10:30      Metrics of Journal Quality,Behrooz Astaneh,Iran

11:00      Evaluation of Iranian Medical Journals,Roya Kelishadi,Iran

11:15     Need for Launching New Medical Journals: A Perspective from Pakistan,
Jamshed Akhtar,Pakistan

11:30     Birth Control of Journals? Farrokh Habibzadeh,Iran

11:45     PANEL DISCUSSION: Predatory,Open-Access,Bogus Journals in the Region and the World
MODERATOR: Farrokh Habibzadeh,Iran

PARTICIPANTS: Karen Shashok,Roya Kelishadi,Behrooz Astaneh,Peush Sahni,Jamshed Akhtar,Ali Akbari Sari,Hatem Nour El-Din

12:30     Prayers and Lunch

14:00     SECTION D,Chairpersons: Karen Shashok; Farrokh Saidi

14:00      The Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC),Mohammad Javad Dehghani,Iran

14:15     Mutual Cooperation among Journals: Is it Effective in Preventing Publication Misconduct? Muhammad Irfan,Pakistan

14:30     To Cite or Not to Cite Web Sites: an Ongoing Dilemma,Parham Habibzadeh,Iran

14:45     The Pathology and Prevalence of English Referencing in Persian Language Articles in Iran’s Persian Language Journals,Vahideh Zarea Gavgani,Iran

15:00     END OF SECTION D

15:15     General Assembly of EMAME (for EMAME Members ONLY)

17:15     END OF DAY 2


Friday,February 20

8:00       SECTION A,Chairpersons: Bibi Sedigheh Fazli Bazzaz,Shaukat Ali Jawaid

8:00        Indexing Journals in International Databases: New Challenges,
Mohammad Bagher Rokni,Iran

8:30        Sources of Revenue for Medical Journals: Ethical Issues and Conflicts of Interest,
Farhad Handjani,Iran

9:00        New Journal Models (recorded CD),Pippa Smart,UK

9:45        Attitude towards Publications in Electronic Journals: A Glimpse into Minds of the Decision Makers in Universities,Muhammad Aslam,Pakistan

10:00     Honoring the Pioneers of Biomedical Editorship in the EMR

10:30     Refreshments,Tea/Coffee Break

10:30     SECTION B,Chairpersons: Elise Langdon-Neuner,Muhammad Aslam

10:30     Academic Medicine in Two Languages at Once? A Review of What Motivates Bilingual Journal Publishing,Mary Ellen Kerans,Spain

11:00      Is There a Chance for Eloquence in Medical Articles? Elise Langdon-Neuner,Austria

11:30     SECTION C,Chairpersons: Farkhondeh Sharif,Ahmed Said El-Morsy

11:30     Editors’ Expectations for Good English: Don’t Confuse Writing Problems with Plagiarism,Karen Shashok,Spain

11:45     Workshops: Do They Benefit Faculty Development,Fatema Jawad,Pakistan

12:00     Reviewing: The Art of Perfection,Ahmed Said El-Morsy,Egypt

12:15     Regional Differences in Peer-Review of Medical Physics Manuscripts,
Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi,Iran

12:30     Prayers and Lunch

14:00     SECTION D,Chairpersons: Sina Aziz,Mohammad Bagher Rokni

14:00     The Attitude towards Plagiarism Aspects among Iranian Academic Members,
Abdolreza Norouzy,Iran

14:15     Citation Amnesia—a Case Study,Shaukat Ali Jawaid,Pakistan

14:30     AuthorAid in EMR,Karen Shashok,Spain

14:45     Closing Ceremony


WORKSHOP A: How to Index Your Journal in International Indexing Systems,
Mohammad Bagher Rokni,Iran

WORKSHOP B: Common Mistakes in English,Karen Shashok,Spain and Elise Langdon-Neuner,Austria




P1. Initial Screening of Manuscripts Submitted for Publication in Annals of Pakistan Medical Sciences (APIMS): a Retrospective Analysis,SH Waqar,Pakistan

P2. Journals Published by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences: Contribution of Different Countries,SR Zakavi,Iran

P3. Introduction of Poursina as a Secondary Journal: a Strategic Approach in Medical Journalism,Hosseinkhani,Iran

P4. Types of Pressure on Editors-In-Chief in Developing Countries,Sima Ajami,Iran

P5. Cost-Effectiveness Studies in Iranian Medical Journals: Is More Consideration Necessary?,Leila Ghahramani,Iran

P6. Profile of Dental Research in Pakistani Dental Journals in Last ten Years (2003-2012),Nazeer Khan,Pakistan

P7. Medical Editing in Iraq: Good Reporting and Author’s Ethics,Aamir Jalal Al Mosawi,Iraq

P8. English Grammar Problems Seen in the Original Articles Submitted for Publication in Annals of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and Karachi Medical and Dental College,Sina Aziz,Pakistan


P9. Comparing the Capabilities of Two Web Sites of the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences,Ali Roohbakhsh,Iran